I'm Vicky. 18. Vegetarian. First year of college. Geography major. Letting life take me where I need to go and always open for improvement. Message me, I'm always up for a chat. Instagram/twitter: @thevicksterr



This is a picture from the Curiosity Rover on Mars showing Earth from the Perspective of Mars. You are literally looking at your home from the Perspective of another planet. Epic times indeed



Healthy eating!

Current morning routine:
Naturally wake up between 5-6am (in bed by 8-9) ☀️Drink 1 litre of water before anything 💦 6 sun salutations (yoga, so easy you can YouTube it) ✨ then a quick 20 minutes of cardio 💃 then one HUGE 1 litre plus fruit and vege smoothie…. Seriously try that for even just a week and see how you feel 🙏 Uhhhhhhh ☀️